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Following are snippets of recent content, and hyperlinks to the SC posts if you want to read more:

American heart-throbs

It’s information on love.

Thirty-seven vehicles that have already captured the paper hearts of their drivers.

The most-loved brand names? Subaru, Ford, Chevrolet along with Toyota, each of which garnered a number of Most Loved Vehicle Rewards based on the Strategic Idea Customer Love Directory (CLI).

The 2017 awards also acknowledged the best mass-market brand (Tiny), best brand below $26,000 (smart), perfect luxury brand (Mercedes) and best full-line corporation (Vw Group of America), moreover millennials’ top five mass-market and luxury vehicles.


KBB’s 12 Perfect Buys

Let’s call it a baker’s dozen.

Kelley Blue Book’s 12 Greatest coupe Award winners C also as an overall winner.

That over-all Best Buy?

The Honda Civic, which, KBB said, “isn’t only the best compact automobile money can buy, for the second year back to back we’ve deemed this the best value on the market,” combining benefits that “break this success loose from the grouping it occupies in addition to elevate it throughout the entire market.In

The KBB list is a lot more discerning than some other Greatest coupe lineups, but for those purchasers focused on a specific group vehicle, some “really helpful” instruction is baked in.


11-step shopping guide

Shopping for a automobile is easier said than actually doing it.

That being said ( blank )

It’s done every day C at times by shoppers who don’t know what they’re doing.

We try to make sure you aren’t among those by sharing the most prevalent steps to shopping for a used car, according to market research conducted by the webpage

While we may quibble about the order in which a number of the shopping steps come about C and, yes, now we have several quibbles C there is a wise practice to following these individuals.


The road to Hades

There’s an old stating the road to Hades is flat with good intentions.

But if you reside in the states or places with the worst paths in America, you might be able to drive any roads that has decent roads.

“Keeping the wheel continual on America’s roads and highways is increasingly challenging as drivers encounter potholes and pavement deterioration,In . said TRIP, a good national transportation study group based in Oregon, D.C., in the recent report “Bumpy Roads Ahead.”

But the pavements and highways using some cities are especially negative, according to the research team’s report.